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Quantitative Image Analysis in C++, MATLAB and Python


DIPimage is a very extensive MATLAB toolbox for quantitative image analysis. It makes most of the DIPlib functionality available in MATLAB, and provides a lot of additional functionality through M-files.

A GUI gives user-friendly access to many of its functions. An interactive image display can be used to explore 1D, 2D, 3D and 4D images.

The DIPimage User Manual is an extensive document that gives an introduction to the toolbox, and documents installation, the core dip_image object, the interactive image display, customization options, etc. Documentation for individual functions is available from within MATLAB in the usual way (through the help command).

DIPimage is a mature toolbox that has been in development since 1999. DIPimage 3 is a major rewrite of the toolbox, which is mostly, but not completely, backwards-compatible.


There is a download link at the top of the left column of this website. Please follow the installation instructions in the User Manual.