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Quantitative Image Analysis in C++, MATLAB and Python


The DIPlib project is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license, see the README.md file in the root of the repository.

The Apache 2.0 license is a permissive open-source license. In short, this means that you can use this software as you see fit, including making modifications, and distribute this software, parts of it, and/or your modifications to it, either in source form or as binaries. You are free to keep your modifications private, you are not required to distribute sources with your binaries. However, you must include proper attribution, as well as the copyright notices, with any such distribution. You cannot pretend that you wrote this software, and you cannot make it look like we endorse any software that you wrote.

If you make modifications to this software, you are not required to share those with us, but we certainly would appreciate any such contribution!

Note that this short description of the license does not replace the license text and might not correctly represent all the legalese in the licence. Please read the actual licence text if you plan to redistribute this software.