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Quantitative Image Analysis in C++, MATLAB and Python

6 October 2011

Book chapter on using DIPimage for rapid prototyping

We’ve recently published a chapter in a book on medical image analysis edited by Geoff Dougherty. The chapter shows how you can use a tool like DIPimage to do rapid prototyping of an image analysis application. Rapid prototyping means quickly trying out new ideas, and requires being able to implement these ideas in a simple, intuitive manner, in little time, and for little cost. The chapter uses automated analysis of Pap smears as an example, taking the reader through the 60 years of advances in this field, and showing how the key concepts can be reproduced with only a few lines of code.

C.L. Luengo Hendriks, P. Malm and E. Bengtsson, Rapid prototyping of image analysis applications, in: G. Dougherty (ed.), Medical Image Processing: Techniques and Applications, ISBN 978-1-4419-9769-2, Springer, 2011. doi:10.1007/978-1-4419-9779-1_2

You can also find the book on Amazon.com, for example.