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Quantitative Image Analysis in C++, MATLAB and Python

26 June 2020

Pre-release 3.0 beta 5

Since last week, it is possible to install the DIPlib and its Python bindings though PyPI, see here. With a simple

pip install diplib

one can immediately start using DIPlib from within Python, compiling from source no longer needed! To get started using DIPlib in Python, see the very short User Manual and the examples. Yes, we need more documentation.

We support:

If you use a different platform or a different version of Python, you will need to build from source. This is not complicated. We have simple and clear instructions available.

We don’t yet have a simple way of generating the DIPimage distribution (MATLAB toolbox), so building from source is still necessary there.

To use the C++ library, we recommend that you build from source even if binary distributions were available.

Changes in DIPlib as compared to version 2.9
Changes in DIPimage as compared to version 2.9