template<typename T>
dip::Vertex struct

Encodes a location in a 2D image

Constructors, destructors, assignment and conversion operators

Vertex() constexpr
Default constructor
Vertex(T x, T y) constexpr


template<typename V>
void Vertex(Vertex<V> v)
auto Round() const -> Vertex<T>
Round coordinates to nearest integer


template<typename V>
auto operator+=(Vertex<V> v) -> Vertex<T>&
Add a vertex
template<typename V>
auto operator-=(Vertex<V> v) -> Vertex<T>&
Subtract a vertex
auto operator+=(T n) -> Vertex<T>&
Add a constant to both coordinate components
auto operator-=(T n) -> Vertex<T>&
Subtract a constant from both coordinate components
auto operator*=(dip::dfloat n) -> Vertex<T>&
Scale by a constant, isotropically
auto operator/=(dip::dfloat n) -> Vertex<T>&
Scale by the inverse of a constant, isotropically


T x
The x-coordinate
T y
The y-coordinate