diplib/accumulators.h file

Classes for on-line computation of data statistics. See Numeric algorithms and constants.



class dip::StatisticsAccumulator
StatisticsAccumulator computes population statistics by accumulating the first four central moments.
class dip::VarianceAccumulator
VarianceAccumulator computes mean and standard deviation by accumulating the first two central moments.
class dip::FastVarianceAccumulator
FastVarianceAccumulator computes mean and standard deviation by accumulating the sum of sample values and the sum of the square of sample values.
class dip::CovarianceAccumulator
CovarianceAccumulator computes covariance and correlation of pairs of samples by accumulating the first two central moments and cross-moments.
class dip::DirectionalStatisticsAccumulator
DirectionalStatisticsAccumulator computes directional mean and standard deviation by accumulating a unit vector with the input value as angle.
class dip::MinMaxAccumulator
MinMaxAccumulator computes minimum and maximum values of a sequence of values.
class dip::MomentAccumulator
MomentAccumulator accumulates the zeroth order moment, the first order normalized moments, and the second order normalized central moments, in N dimensions.


auto dip::operator+(dip::StatisticsAccumulator lhs, dip::StatisticsAccumulator const& rhs) -> dip::StatisticsAccumulator
Combine two accumulators
auto dip::operator+(dip::VarianceAccumulator lhs, dip::VarianceAccumulator const& rhs) -> dip::VarianceAccumulator
Combine two accumulators
auto dip::operator+(dip::FastVarianceAccumulator lhs, dip::FastVarianceAccumulator const& rhs) -> dip::FastVarianceAccumulator
Combine two accumulators
auto dip::operator+(dip::DirectionalStatisticsAccumulator lhs, dip::DirectionalStatisticsAccumulator const& rhs) -> dip::DirectionalStatisticsAccumulator
Combine two accumulators
auto dip::operator+(dip::MinMaxAccumulator lhs, dip::MinMaxAccumulator const& rhs) -> dip::MinMaxAccumulator
Combine two accumulators
auto dip::operator+(dip::MomentAccumulator lhs, dip::MomentAccumulator const& rhs) -> dip::MomentAccumulator
Combine two accumulators