diplib/display.h file

Tools to prepare images for display. See Display.



class dip::ImageDisplay
Encapsulates state of an image in a display window, and provides the functionality for converting the image to a form suitable for display.


void dip::ApplyColorMap(dip::Image const& in, dip::Image& out, dip::String const& colorMap = "grey")
Applies a color map to an image prepared for display using dip::ImageDisplay.
void dip::Overlay(dip::Image const& in, dip::Image const& overlay, dip::Image& out, dip::Image::Pixel const& color = {255,0,0})
Adds a colored overlay to the image in, yielding an RGB image.
void dip::MarkLabelEdges(dip::Image const& labels, dip::Image& out, dip::uint factor = 2)
Upscales a labeled image and outlines each region with the background label.