diplib/transform.h file

The Fourier and related transforms. See Transforms.



void dip::FourierTransform(dip::Image const& in, dip::Image& out, dip::StringSet const& options = {}, dip::BooleanArray process = {})
Computes the forward and inverse Fourier Transform
void dip::InverseFourierTransform(dip::Image const& in, dip::Image& out, dip::StringSet options = {}, dip::BooleanArray process = {})
Inverse Fourier Transform. Convenience function that calls dip::FourierTransform after adding “inverse” to options.
auto dip::OptimalFourierTransformSize(dip::uint size, dip::String const& which = "larger") -> dip::uint
Returns the next larger (or smaller) multiple of {2, 3, 5}, an image of this size is more efficient for FFT computations.
void dip::RieszTransform(dip::Image const& in, dip::Image& out, dip::String const& inRepresentation = S::SPATIAL, dip::String const& outRepresentation = S::SPATIAL, dip::BooleanArray process = {})
Computes the Riesz transform of a scalar image.
void dip::StationaryWaveletTransform(dip::Image const& in, dip::Image& out, dip::uint nLevels = 4, dip::StringArray const& boundaryCondition = {}, dip::BooleanArray const& process = {})
Computes a stationary wavelet transform (also called à-trous wavelet decomposition).
void dip::HaarWaveletTransform(dip::Image const& in, dip::Image& out, dip::uint nLevels = 4, dip::String const& direction = S::FORWARD, dip::BooleanArray process = {})
Computes the Haar wavelet transform or its inverse.