dip::NeighborList::Iterator class

Iterates over the neighbors in the NeighborList.

Constructors, destructors, assignment and conversion operators

Iterator() defaulted
Default constructible, yields an invalid iterator.


using iterator_category = std::forward_iterator_tag
Iterator category
using value_type = dip::dfloat
The type that the iterator points at
using reference = dip::NeighborList::Iterator::value_type const&
The type you get when you dereference


void swap(dip::NeighborList::Iterator& other) noexcept
auto Coordinates() const -> dip::IntegerArray const&
Get the coordinates for the current neighbor
auto IsInImage(dip::UnsignedArray const& coords, dip::UnsignedArray const& imsz) const -> bool
Returns true if the neighbor pointed to is within the image


auto operator*() const -> dip::NeighborList::Iterator::reference
Dereference, yields the distance to the neighbor
auto operator++() -> dip::NeighborList::Iterator&
auto operator++(int ) -> dip::NeighborList::Iterator
auto operator==(dip::NeighborList::Iterator const& other) const -> bool
Equality comparison
auto operator!=(dip::NeighborList::Iterator const& other) const -> bool
Inequality comparison