dip::Option namespace

Enumerated options are defined in the namespace dip::Option, unless they are specific to some other sub-namespace.



namespace CmpProp
Namespace to emulate an enumerator, contains values


using CmpPropFlags = dip::detail::Options
Determines which properties to compare. Combines multiple dip::Option::CmpPropEnumerator values, predefined values are in dip::Option::CmpProp.
using ExtendImageFlags = dip::detail::Options
Combines any number of dip::Option::ExtendImage constants together.


enum class Periodicity: int{ NOT_PERIODIC, PERIODIC }
Select if the operation is periodic or not. Used in dip::GaussianMixtureModel.
enum class ThrowException: int{ DONT_THROW, DO_THROW }
Some functions that check for a condition optionally throw an exception if that condition is not met.
enum class AllowSingletonExpansion: int{ DONT_ALLOW, DO_ALLOW }
The function dip::Image::CheckIsMask takes this option to control how sizes are compared.
enum class AcceptDataTypeChange: int{ DONT_ALLOW, DO_ALLOW }
The function dip::Image::ReForge takes this option to control how to handle protected images.
enum class CropLocation: int{ CENTER, MIRROR_CENTER, TOP_LEFT, BOTTOM_RIGHT }
The function dip::Image::Crop takes this option to control which pixels are taken.
enum class CmpPropEnumerator: int{ DataType, Dimensionality, Sizes, Strides, TensorShape, TensorElements, TensorStride, ColorSpace, PixelSize }
Determines which properties to compare.
enum class ExtendImage: int{ Masked, ExpandTensor }
Defines options to the dip::ExtendImage function.
enum class CompareImagesMode: int{ APPROX, EXACT, FULL }
How to compare images in dip::testing::CompareImages.