dip::viewer::ViewPort class

Handles interaction in a certain display area to control the dip::viewer::ViewingOptions model


Derived classes

class dip::viewer::ControlViewPort
Allows the user to control how the image is displayed.
class dip::viewer::HistogramViewPort
Controls grey-value mapping range and shows color mapping.
class dip::viewer::ImageViewPort
class dip::viewer::LinkViewPort
Handles viewer linking.
class dip::viewer::SliceViewPort
class dip::viewer::StatusViewPort
Displays the dip::viewer::Viewer’s status.
class dip::viewer::TensorViewPort
Allows the user to control which tensor elements are visualized.


void place(int x, int y, int width, int height) virtual
Places the viewport
void rebuild() virtual
Prepares the associated view for rendering
void render() virtual
Renders the associated view
void click(int , int , int , int , int ) virtual
Handles mouse clicking interaction
void motion(int , int , int ) virtual
Handles mouse dragging interaction
void screenToView(int x, int y, double* ix, double* iy) virtual
Converts screen coordinates into local view coordinates
auto viewer() -> class Viewer*
Parent viewer
auto x() const -> int
Screen coordinate of left edge
auto y() const -> int
Screen coordinate of bottom edge
auto width() const -> int
Viewport width
auto height() const -> int
Viewport height