dip::viewer::ViewingOptions struct

Model that determines the dip::viewer::SliceViewer’s behavior

Constructors, destructors, assignment and conversion operators

ViewingOptions(dip::Image const& image) explicit
Calculate default options from an image


enum class ComplexToReal: uint8{ Real, Imaginary, Magnitude, Phase }
Complex-to-real mapping options
enum class Mapping: uint8{ ZeroOne, Angle, Normal, Linear, Symmetric, Logarithmic }
Grey-value mapping options
enum class Projection: uint8{ None, Min, Mean, Max }
Slice projection options
enum class LookupTable: uint8{ ColorSpace, RGB, Grey, Sequential, Divergent, Cyclic, Label }
Grey-value to color mapping options
enum class Diff: uint8{ None, Draw, Place, Mapping, Projection, Complex }
Defines which view (parts) need to be recalculated


auto diff(dip::viewer::ViewingOptions const& options) const -> dip::viewer::ViewingOptions::Diff
Calculates which view (parts) need to be recalculated
auto needsReproject(dip::viewer::ViewingOptions const& options, dip::uint dimx, dip::uint dimy) const -> bool
Calculates whether a particular slice projection needs to be recalculated
void setAutomaticRange()
Sets automatic range based on current lookup table and mapping
void setMappingRange(dip::viewer::ViewingOptions::Mapping mapping)
Sets mapping range based on mapping
auto getComplexDescription() const -> dip::String
Returns a textual description of the current complex-to-real mapping
auto getMappingDescription() const -> dip::String
Returns a textual description of the current grey-value mapping
auto getProjectionDescription() const -> dip::String
Returns a textual description of the current slice projection
auto getLookupTableDescription() const -> dip::String
Returns a textual description of the current grey-value to color mapping


dip::IntegerArray dims_
Dimensions to visualize (MainX, MainY, LeftX, TopY).
dip::UnsignedArray operating_point_
Value of non-visualized, non-projected dimensions.
dip::viewer::ViewingOptions::ComplexToReal complex_
What to do with complex numbers.
dip::viewer::ViewingOptions::Projection projection_
Type of projection.
dip::UnsignedArray roi_origin_
Origin of projection ROI.
dip::UnsignedArray roi_sizes_
Sizes of projection ROI.
dip::String labels_
Labels to use for axes.
dip::viewer::FloatRange range_
value range across image (histogram limits).
dip::viewer::FloatRangeArray tensor_range_
value range per tensor.
dip::viewer::FloatRange mapping_range_
mapped value range (colorbar limits).
dip::viewer::ViewingOptions::Mapping mapping_
from input to [0, 1], modifies mapping_range_.
dip::uint element_
Tensor element to visualize.
dip::viewer::ViewingOptions::LookupTable lut_
from [0, 1] to [0, 0, 0]-[255, 255, 255].
dip::IntegerArray color_elements_
Which tensor element is R, G, and B.
dip::IntegerArray split_
Split point between projections (pixels).
dip::FloatArray zoom_
Zoom factor per dimension (from physical dimensions + user). Also determines relative viewport sizes.
dip::FloatArray origin_
Display origin for moving the image around.
dip::PhysicalQuantityArray offset_
Offset of origin pixel in real-world coordinates.
dip::String status_
Status bar text.