dip::Measurement::IteratorFeature::Iterator class

An iterator to visit all objects (rows) within a feature (column group) of the dip::Measurement table.


An object of this class can be treated (in only the most basic ways) as a std::array or std::vector.


auto begin() const -> dip::Measurement::ValueIterator
Iterator to the first value
auto end() const -> dip::Measurement::ValueIterator
Iterator one past the last value
auto data() const -> dip::Measurement::ValueType*
A pointer to the first value
auto size() const -> dip::uint
Number of values
auto IsAtEnd() const -> bool
True if done iterating (do not call other methods if this is true!)
auto FeatureName() const -> dip::String const&
Name of the feature
auto ObjectID() const -> dip::uint
ID of the object
auto ObjectIndex() const -> dip::uint
Index of the object (row number)


auto operator[](dip::uint index) const -> dip::Measurement::ValueType&
Index to access a specific value
auto operator*() const -> dip::Measurement::ValueType&
Dereference to access the first value
auto operator++() -> dip::Measurement::IteratorFeature::Iterator&
Pre-increment, to access the next object
auto operator++(int ) -> dip::Measurement::IteratorFeature::Iterator
Post-increment, to access the next object
auto operator bool() const -> bool explicit
True if the iterator is valid and can be used